Optimising ASEAN Indigenous Renewable Energy: Best Practices and Opportunities

Date : 25 August 2023

Location : Kintamani 5
Optimising ASEAN Indigenous Renewable Energy: Best Practices and Opportunities

AEBF 2023 consists of several events and includes parallel panel discussion. One of them is: “Optimising ASEAN Indigenous Renewable Energy: Best Practices & Opportunities”. The main objective of this event is to explore the successful best practices from ASEAN countries that based on the indigenous renewable energy sources that locally produced and implemented. During this discussion, we will also update some opportunities that arise from some ASEAN countries. The synergy between ASEAN countries is the key to enhance the cooperation for energy transition

Clean dispatchable power has been, and will continue to be, a crucial element in the generation mix of ASEAN. Geothermal, hydropower and bioenergy are the most notable clean dispatchable power sources, which deliver power on-demand to balance supply-demand variability and provide a whole host of non-energy services to help secure and stabilise system operation. Geothermal and hydropower are generally considered mature technologies in that their deployment and operational integration are well known.

Geothermal power is not weather-dependent and can operate at very high-capacity factors. Beyond electricity and ancillary services related to grid operation, geothermal can also provide heat to industrial sites and buildings. All of these characteristics make it particularly dependable throughout the year due to its lack of seasonality. This makes it a crucial component of the power system as it can mitigate periods of low supply from other renewables and price volatility from fossil fuels.

Hydropower is also capable to operate as baseload power. In addition, it can be equipped with reservoirs as storage buffers (pumped hydro storage), offering flexibility to variable renewables by allowing upstream reservoirs to save unused energy for later use. Although biogas has considerable potential to decarbonise electricity generation, its utilisation for power generation is still in early development in ASEAN, contributing to only a 0.2% share of the total primary energy supply as of 2020. This is due to barriers such as limited feedstock availability, insufficient technological knowledge, lack of incentives and subsidies, expensive upfront cost, and unclear policy directives.



14:00 - 14:05

Opening Remarks Septia Buntara Supendi (Acting Manager of Energy Efficiency and Conservation Department - ACE)

14:05 - 15:50

Panel Session 1:
Renewable Energy in Power Sector

  • Nadhilah Shani (Senior Analyst at Power Fossil Fuel, Storage and Alternative Fuel) (PFS) Department (ACE)
  • Verania Andria (Sr. Adviser for Sustainable Energy Strategic Programs & Policies-UNDP):
    “Sustainable Community-based Solar PV Power Generation for a Just Energy Transition”
  • Kritika Dhingra (Commercial Manager-Gree Energy)
    “Best Practices for Biogas Development & Operation in Indonesia”
  • Marko Lackovic (Managing Director & Partner-Boston Consultant Group):
    “Best Practices for Energy Transition in South East Asia Based on Local Sources” – [under confirmation]
  • Josef M. Ullmer (Regional Executive Asia & Oceania-Andritz)
    “Best Practices in Hydro Power from Development till Commissioning”
  • Yudistian Yunis (President Director-Geo Dipa Energi)
    “Lesson Learned from Indonesia’s Geothermal Operation”
  • Hanif Bin Siraf (Chief Operating Officer, TNB Renewables Sdn.Bhd. Tenaga Nasional Berhad)
    ""Centralised large-scale solar (LSS) parks co-developed by TNB"" - [under confirmation]"

15:45 - 17:05

Panel Session 2:
Renewable Energy in Non-Power Sector

  • Nadhilah Shani (Senior Analyst at Power Fossil Fuel, Storage and Alternative Fuel) (PFS) Department (ACE)
  • Eddy Abdurrachman (President Director-BPDPKS):
    “Government Financing Support for Biofuel from Palm Oil Based in Indonesia”
  • Aika Yuri Winata (General Manager-Green Energy AAA Oils & Fats Pte. Ltd./Apical Group)
    “Challenges and Opportunities in Producing Sustainable Airline Fuel”
  • Dannif Danusaputra (President Director-PT Pertamina Power Indonesia)
    “Hydrogen Project Opportunities for Indonesia”
  • K.K. Ralhan (Head of Commissioner Board-Kaltimex Group)
    “Waste-to-Fuel Implementation for Supporting Sustainable Fuel in ASEAN Countries” "

17:05 - 17:10

Photo Session

17:10 - 17:20

Closure Moderator:
Aldilla Noor Rakhiemah (Sr. Analyst-Power Fossil Fuel, Storage, and Alternative Fuel (PFS) Dept.-ASEAN Centre for Energy)